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Friday, September 27, 2013

Fight for people.

"people have always preferred details and complications and rules, but when Jesus was pressed, He said, "love God and love people. that's pretty much it." this is what we do and this is why we do it." - jen hatmaker

jen's on to something. 
love God - with all your heart, mind, soul - and love people well. 

i'm still in process of believing that loving people well sometimes looks like fighting for them. in the messiness of relationship and the brokenness of trial, sometimes people just need some presence and prayer warriors. they need reminders of goodness, reminders of grace (even and especially the hard graces), reminders of the truth that God is always good and we are always loved. they need ephesians 6, armor of God covering. and then they need to be told they're covered! 

we need to believe for people when they can't believe for themselves.
we need to sit with and listen and walk alongside. 
we need to give of ourselves and we need to help and we need to tell people about the hope of Jesus.
we need to fight for people when they're tired. 
we need to fight for souls before the throne of grace and intercede against the schemes of the enemy. 
because sometimes it's war, people. and we're all in this together. as the Body of Christ. 

loving people well doesn't mean fixing. because PRAISE JESUS we can't fix and we can't be saviors. we can point to Jesus and sit with people and carry them to the throne of grace. and believe that we will receive mercy and help in time of need. we can challenge when we need to and encourage often and most of all, look people in the eye and tell them we believe in them and we believe in the God who created them. they are loved beyond comprehension or logic.

we've got to be FOR people. we've got to stand with people. people are the heartbeat of God and He sings redemption and love and pursuit of the people He created.

fight for people.